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Free Printable To-Do List

Free Printable To-Do List

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Being busy is just part of life, but that list that is bubbling in your head feels so much more accomplishable when it’s written out, and these 19 free printable to-do lists are fun and functional.

And oh the joy of crossing things off that list is pure heaven.  Are you inundated with balancing family, school, work, kids, church, the house, your fav side hustle… the list just goes on and on. 

To do lists are popular because they keep you organized even when you’re ADHD and scattered.  Put it all on paper and then you can see the progress. And hyper focusing on finishing things on the list is a skill neurodivergent people have naturally. Working with our strengths rock!

It’s time for your free printable to do lists to get organized!  These cute printable to do lists are totally free and easy to download the PDF. And they make the “chore list” a fun list!

Just click on your favorite free printable to do list pdf below and it will open in a new window as PDF you can print.  Each to do list template free download is unique and fun!  The dachshund is my fav.  But they do call me the crazy dog lady.  

Once you tire of one to do list template, you can come back for a different free printable to-do list download.  There is always a new list to create, and a new task to complete.

Let us know below which is your favorite daily to-do list template.

Make sure to check out the calendars on the site, they will help with the bigger plans around the daily to-do’s we all have.

Other free printable to-do lists.

The following To Do List Printable Templates are coming over the next month:

Weekly To Do Lists

Monthly To Do Lists

Free Printable Two Week Planners

Why should you have a to-do list?

CHADD an organization the specializes in helping the scattered neurodivergent mind encourages the use of to-do lists for good time management. To-do lists that are specific for the day, week, month and longer term projects helps you overcome “time blindness” so you get stuff done. You can read more about that here.

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