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Free Printable Year At A Glance Calendar Template (2023 – 2024) – Planner Templates

Free Printable Year At A Glance Calendar Template (2023 – 2024) – Planner Templates

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Are you ready for some cute printable year at a glance calendars for 2023 and 2024? How about some 2024? I have them both for your future planning in this week’s post. These full-year printable calendars include both 2023 & 2024 at a glance. Staying in line with our planner templates, we have the free grayscale theme for you that shows off January 2023 through December 2024.

This one-page portrait layout includes one page per year. The year-at-a-glance calendar is key in planning a successful year. And knowing which end is up. We all know life is crazy, but planning helps to smooth out the bumps, even when it feels like life is flying way too fast (or slow if you’re waiting for something).

This PDF printable year at a glance calendar comes in 7 designs and it’s part of 2 different themes in our planner template series. All of our planner templates come in 4 paper sizes, so you can find the format that works for your paper planner, digital planner, or bullet journal.

What are the Designs for 2023’s Free Printable Calendar Set?

We have two different themes. The Candy Theme and the Fun Theme. Each theme is designed to be printer-friendly but also works in a digital planner. Well because we love and use both.

Let’s start with the Candy Theme, this theme is your basic planner template with a splash of color. The color is used to guide your eyes within the printable year-at-a-glance calendar. We do this because we are familiar (way too familiar) with how hard it can be to keep your eyes tracking with dyslexia. So the color helps.

Candy Theme Designs For The Year At A Glance Calendars For 2023/2024
Candy Theme designs for the Printable Year At a Glance Calendars for 2023/2024

The second theme is the Fun Theme. It has Unicorns, fun Party Shapes, and of course Buzz our PrintablesBuzz mascot.

Fun Theme Designs For The Printable Year At A Glance Calendars For 2023/2024
Fun Theme designs for the Year At a Glance Calendars for 2023/2024

How to Download your Free One-Page Printable Year At A Glance Calendar PDF

You can download the black and white year at a glance calendar 2023/2024 candy theme calendar set for 2023 and 2024 from our shop for free using the coupon code at the bottom of this post. Or you can click on the image below and save it for just the grayscale theme for 2023.

Printable Year At A Glance Calendar 2023
Year At A Glance Calendar 2023

There are some major perks to grabbing the free printable year at a glance calendar templates version from the shop.

  1. You get a high-quality PDF print version of the printable 2023 and 2024 calendars.
  2. US Letter Size (8.5 x 11 in)

Our goal is to give you cute designs that you will actually use, and you get this one absolutely free when you click the button below and use the coupon code.

The shop also carries Sunday start, as well as all the themes and sizes including A4, Half Sheet (5.5 x 8.5), Executive (7×10.5), and all the colors of the candy theme in 8.5×11)

How to Use the Year-At-A-Glance 2023 & 2024

The printable year at a glance calendar makes a great wall calendar, (or fridge calendar), or it works amazingly in a planner. The great thing about the pdf document is that it’s versatile.

The calendar can be used in a (or on):

  1. Used in:
  2. Printable Planner
  3. Digital Planner
  4. Bullet Journal (Just print and tape or glue it in)
  5. Hand-outs for Project Timeline
  6. Used on:
    • Laminate and put it on the fridge
    • Tape it to your desk
    • Bulletin board

The clean design of our templates allows them to be used in a lot of places. The months and days are laid out for you to see the whole year. Great ways to use the calendar include highlighting or underlining days on the calendar to signify deadlines and special days throughout the year.

Even WikiHow says one way to cope with ADHD is to use a planner. And these year at a glance planner templates are a great addition to a printable or digital planner.

Free Year At A Glance Calendar 2023 And 2024 (Free Download) - Gray Scale
FREE Year At A Glance Calendar 2023 and 2024 (free download) – GRAY SCALE

Looking for Monthly 2023 Calendar Templates

The free printable 2023 calendar includes many options so you plan in your own style. But the 2023 calendars are not alone. Not only do you get the 2023 but also the 2024 one-page sheets. 

We also have monthly calendars with room to start filling your plan in similar themes. You can check out the monthly Calendars for 2023 here. The monthly calendars are blank calendars for each month of the year. They include cute designs and they are printable.

Your planners need both to be complete. You can also find calendars for the 2022 year if you need them.

How To Print Your Planner Template to get the most from it

The link below will take you to the shop page for the Black & White calendar set for the Candy Theme. Add it to the cart. Make sure to add the coupon code below to get your design for free.

You will get access to the instant download page.

Once you have downloaded the pdf, simply print it off.

I will say, my favorite paper is 120 gsm paper. It’s slightly thicker and it’s high quality. It makes a great addition to a printable planner or when adding it to your bullet journal. You can check out this paper here on Amazon with my affiliate link (It won’t cost you a dime, but using this link helps us keep the site going.)

Get Free Printables in Your Inbox!

If you like the simple themes of these planner inserts, you can join our list to be the first to know when new templates come out below. A major plus is that you will also get coupon codes for our shop. So if your planner addict, this is a no-brainer and you’ll love all the new fun toys we release. 🙂 Get our blank monthly landscape and portrait calendars as a bonus for signing up.

Download Your Free Printable

Now that you’re ready to get started, download your year-at-a-glance template here. That is of course if you didn’t do it from one of the links above. Happy Planning!

All designs ©PrintablesBuzz. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

Disclaimer: This post may contain Amazon affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase

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