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4 Free Printable Period Trackers – Planner Template Download

4 Free Printable Period Trackers – Planner Template Download

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Tracking your period right in your planner is the way to go with this set of free printable period trackers. Some like Period tracking apps, and they are great! I use the one on my fitbit. But the detail I need going through menopause is not available in the app. And teenagers, those planning a family, and those avoiding a family all need to track slightly differently. Know what I mean?

So just in case, you’re not a fan of the phrase “Menstrual Cycle Tracker”, we also created this Free Printable Period Tracker for your planner. Both have a free version. Choose what works for you!

A period or menstrual cycle tracker keeps track of the days of your flow, symptoms, energy, and even mood. A printable tracker works great in your planner or journal because you can naturally add information when you do your daily planning. (If you fly by the seat of your pants and never plan, we need to talk.)

The benefits of tracking your period are numerous. It is a great way to understand weight changes, mood swings, and energy changes. It can also help you start a family, (or not start a family), and let you know if stress is causing issues with your cycle. And tracking allows you to be better prepared mentally and physically and gather supplies. Just to name a few.

Free Period Tracker Pink Letter Size Example
Free Period Tracker Pink Letter Size Example

What Are Free Printable Period Trackers?

We created a few templates in our shop as both a “Period Tracker” and a “Menstrual Cycle Tracker”, they are identical other than the title. We did this so you can use the tracker template of your choice.

The trackers are used to track flow, symptoms, and even energy levels. You can use colors and icons to track multiple things within the individual cells on the grid.

Each free printable period tracker template includes the following:

  1. Grid for all 12 months and 31 days in each month.
  2. Cycle Key – allows you to customize by adding color codes and using doodles to track what you need to track.
  3. Notes area
  4. Total Days in Cycle Grid for tracking the length of your cycle

These templates fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 letter page and it’s great as a printable planner insert.

The free printable yearly period tracker can be downloaded here as a high-quality pdf with 4 different colors in a single style. The shop also has all the sizes including Letter, A4, Executive (7 X 10.5 in), and Half Sheet (5.5 X 8.5 in).

Free Printable Period Trackers Light Teal Letter Size Example
Free Period Tracker Light Teal Letter Size Example

Recommended Use Of the Planner Template – Time to Print

The template is printable on standard US letter printer paper. But I will say, my favorite paper is 120 gsm paper. This paper is slightly thicker and it’s high quality. I love to use my printables, but I also love the feeling of high-quality paper. This rolls into the psychology of using a planner, if it feels good it gets used.

This template can be used in either a bullet journal or planner, but what I love most is you can also add it to your digital planner in GoodNotes, ZODO, or Notability if you don’t want to “waste” paper. I love paper for a lot of things, that is the reason for the quotes.

The shop has A4, Executive 7 x 10.5, and 1/2 sheet sizes, as well as other styles. If you are looking for a slightly different look, we got ya covered.

Free Printable Period Trackers Sample - Black &Amp; White
Period Tracker Sample – Black & White

Reasons Why You Should Use the Free Printable Period Trackers

Tracking your menstrual cycle with a printable period tracker will help you:

  • An easy way to keep track of your monthly cycle
  • Identify any irregularities in your patterns – longer and short cycles can mean something
  • May help identify potential health issues early on
  • Increases self-awareness and understanding of how your body works
  • May assist in preventing unplanned pregnancy if users are sexually active
  • Can also be used to predict the fertile window if your trying to get pregnant

Need more help on what to track, or why you should be tracking regardless of your life stage? Then check out this CNET article.

Download Your Free Printable Period Tracker PDF

Now that you’re ready to get started, download your tracker template here. That is of course if you didn’t do it from one of the links above. Happy tracking!

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