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Free Menstrual Cycle Tracker Template

Free Menstrual Cycle Tracker Template

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If you’re anything like me tracking makes you feel accomplished. I track just about everything. I even had a tracker for how many times I peed in a day because like many moms I was going way too frequently. I wanted to know if the exercise I was trying was having an effect. So I tracked! Now, this free printable menstrual cycle tracker is also about monitoring your health.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get pregnant, avoiding that life-changing event, or going through menopause. Tracking your cycle can tell you a great deal about your physical and mental states.

Free Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker
Free Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker

How to Use The Free Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker

This period tracker is quite simple, and the key allows you to color code or you can use little doodles to tell you what’s going on.

If you’re only interested in flow you can track that, if you want more info about your mental state try color coding the box for flow and using faces to show mood.

There is also space for you to track the length of your cycle, and an area for notes, or maybe your yearly word or affirmation. If you are trying to figure out what to track, check out this article from they can help you out.

The table for tracking includes 31 rows and 12 columns. The rows correspond to the days of the month, and the columns are the month of the year.

Use the boxes in the column to color code or draw icons to match flow, emotion, or energy… the options are endless.

  • The menstrual cycle tracker features:
  • A chart to log your period for all 12 months
  • A key to remembering what you’re tracking
  • A notes/affirmation/word of the year box
  • A cycle length tracker
Free Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker Image
Click to Open and Save

This free printable menstrual cycle tracker comes in 4 colors: the basic black and white, a light purple, light pink, and teal. The remaining styles you will find in the home planners when they come out in 2023.

We can wait to put together our 2023 undated Home Control Planners. They will be printable and digital and include several styles to choose from.

Free Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker
Free Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Free Printable Menstrual Cycle Tracker can be Digital You Decide

It’s much easier to keep all your trackers with your planning tools. This tracker is great because you can print it off, or import it into your digital planner. So it can be used in both places. You do you Boo Best Practices for Printing Your Tracker

Get your Menstrual Cycle Tracker. You can do this one of two ways. Click on the image above and save the image. If you prefer the PDF, check out our shop for the huge range of PDF templates we are building, you can download it from there too.

Print it! – The template looks fantastic on this paper.

All our free templates are 8 ½ x 11. If you need a different size, you can always add it to Canva and adjust it. But please remember this is a private use-only template. We have templates for A4 and smaller planner sizes in our shop. If it doesn’t look right after playing around in check out the templates in the shop.

Also, if you are looking for a template to use in the planner you are selling please reach out to us. We create templates that can be resold on a case-by-case basis.

Okay… the just of it:

  • You can print the image
  • You can get a better-quality PDF in the shop for a meager price.

Now for some, Menstrual Cycle is not something you want to read on the page, and you prefer “Period Tracker”. I have created that template here.

Download the Free Printable Menstrual Tracker

To download the free high-quality PDF click the button below and use the coupon code. Get our paid printable for free just for reading our blog. We love our readers.

If you have any suggestions on additional information you would like to see on this or any of our planner templates/trackers, you can always leave a comment on the blog post. We read every one of the comments!

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