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Conquer School Chaos: A Digital Planner for Students

Conquer School Chaos: A Digital Planner for Students

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Juggling classes, extracurriculars, and a social life can feel like a high-wire act. But fear not, students! We have the perfect digital planner for students. Introducing the Conquer Student Chaos: 2024 Student Planner with Google Calendar Links, your secret weapon for a productive and organized semester.

My daughter and resident freshman honor student decided she must have a pretty and functional digital planner… after she saw her friend using one of course. Not because mom had been making them for a little over a year. hahaha

Even Harvard recommends using a calendar for time management. No one in my house has or will attend Harvard, but their tips are handy if your learning to manage your time.

Back to how this planner came to be… my daughter’s epiphany is good for you, because she came up with some templates she wanted that you won’t find anywhere else!

Digital Planner For Students Google Linked
Conquer School Chaos: A Digital Planner for Students 4

Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines with a Digital Planner for Students

This digital planner links with your Google Calendar, eliminating the risk of forgotten deadlines or misplaced notes. Simply click a link, and your assignments, tests, and important events and can be added right to your Google calendar. No more frantic searches for that crucial paper due tomorrow! (Add the cloud link right to your digital planner and/or your Google calendar.

One the hardest things about college is all the deadlines and assignments without someone following up with you. One of the things I taught my daughter was to add all the assignments from the syllabus to her planner (now the digital), this got me through my many years as a professional student.

The great thing about this planner is you can write it down, and add reminders to your Google Calendar so it pings you when you have something due.

Using both tools together can save you hours of panic and frustration. I am a big one for a planning system. The system is working well for the students in my life as well.

Plan Like a Pro:

The Conquer Weekly Chaos Digital Planner for Students features spacious weekly spreads with stunning watercolor flowers to inspire you. Jot down your class schedule, plan your study sessions, and add important to-dos, all in one convenient location. Plus, hyperlinks and note-taking sections help you organize your study materials with ease.

When I made this digital planner for students, I didn’t just guess what was needed. I have 3 college students in my world and one college bound. That and the multiple college degrees I have told me what really needed to go into a basic digital planner for students.

We added the link dashboard in this planner to help you easily access all those course links and portals while your planning, just login to the portal before you start planning, and then use the links as you plan our your week and your day.

More Than Just a Planner:

This digital planner for students goes beyond scheduling. Use dedicated sections to track your assignments, brainstorm ideas, and reflect on your progress. This digital planner for students is your comprehensive study companion, helping you stay focused, motivated, and ultimately, achieve academic success.

Digital Planner For Students Pages

Level Up Your iPad Planning:

Optimized for the 10.2 inch iPad, the most common student iPad, the Conquer Weekly Chaos Planner offers a smooth and user-friendly planning experience. No more zooming in and out or struggling with a cramped layout. This planner is designed to seamlessly integrate with your study routine, empowering you to take control of your semester.

Yes we optimized it for the iPad my daughter is using, but upon a little research it turns out that most students use a 10 inch tablet for school because it’s a perfect size.

This optimization makes the planner fill the screen. So no more extra space around the edge, and it looks amazing too.

Need more space for your notes?

We have a corresponding digital notebook too. This notebook is nothing like other digital notebooks. Its a 16-week tabbed notebook there to setup you up for success! The notebook sections are designed as a study guide.

This notebook also has the links dashboard for the specific subject, as well as a study page for each week. You can checkout the notebook too.

Ready to Conquer Your Semester?

Get your Conquer Weekly Chaos: 2024 Student Planner with Google Calendar Links today and experience the power of organization. Start planning your path to academic success, one organized week at a time!

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