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Digital Planner that Syncs with Google Calendar: Seamless Scheduling Made Easy

Digital Planner that Syncs with Google Calendar: Seamless Scheduling Made Easy

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In today’s fast-paced world, staying organized and managing our schedules is crucial for success. That’s why many people turn to digital planners to stay on top of their daily tasks, appointments, and events. If you are looking for a GoodNotes digital planner that syncs with Google Calendar you won’t find one.

But exciting news! There is away to easily use your GoodNotes digital planner and add your events and reminders to Google Calendar at the same time. Enter the Google linked Digital Planner from PrintablesBuzz.

Key Takeaways

  1. Syncing a digital planner with Google Calendar leads to efficient organization
  2. A true digital planner with Google calendar integration is not possible, but we can simulate that integration in just a few key strokes that supports your preferred planning style.
  3. There are some big benefits to using a digital planner linked to Google Calendar
Digital Planner That Syncs With Google Calendar

Understanding Digital Planners

As a digital planner user, I’ve found several benefits to using them with PDF annotation tools like GoodNotes, Notability, or XODO. These tools provide a seamless experience for planning and organizing my daily tasks, events, and notes. One of the primary advantages of digital planners is their flexibility and convenience; I can easily modify my plans, erase mistakes, and restructure my schedule without dealing with physical paper (which I still love).

In my experience, iPad Digital Planners, like the ones found at, are exceptionally beneficial, as they cater to on-the-go lifestyles. Yeah, yeah I know those are my planners, but I use what I make because they are fun. I typically include functional features such as customizable templates, clickable links, and pre-made sections for organizing various aspects of my life, like finances, goals, and fitness routines.

As someone who appreciates seamless organization to prevent me from being totally scattered, I value digital alerts that I only get with my preferred calendar system–Google Calendar. While traditional syncing might not be available, some digital planners allow users to easily copy and transfer their plans into Google Calendar, ensuring that my tasks and appointments are readily accessible on all devices. This combination helps me stay organized and on top of my tasks, even if I forget to open my digital planner that day.

Overall, using GoodNotes or a similar annotation tools for my digital planners has greatly improved my productivity and organization. As a fan of well-crafted, time-saving tools, I highly recommend exploring the world of digital planners if you haven’t already.

Benefits of Syncing with Google Calendar

As a digital planner user, I find that syncing my digital planner with Google Calendar has significantly improved my productivity and organization. Let’s talk about the benefits that come with keeping my GoodNotes digital planner synced with Google Calendar.

Firstly, manually syncing with Google Calendar helps me streamline my planning process by integrating all my events, appointments, and tasks in both places. This integration helps me minimize the risk of missing important events or deadlines. It also allows me to receive timely reminders for each event or appointment, making it easier to stay on top of my obligations.

Another advantage of syncing with Google Calendar is the ability to access my planner on multiple devices and platforms. Google Calendar is available on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that I always have access to my schedule no matter where I am. Because there isn’t real time syncing, I am aware that making a change in my digital planner will require me to change my Google Calendar but the links make that a breaze.

A Digital Planner That Syncs With Google Calendar
Digital Planner that Syncs with Google Calendar: Seamless Scheduling Made Easy 11

Moreover, Google Calendar’s user-friendly features, like color-coding and setting reminders, enhance my digital planner’s functionality. For instance, I can use different colors to categorize events based on their importance or urgency, making it visually easy to identify my priorities. The reminders feature ensures that I never miss important tasks or events, while the ability to embed links to planning documents further streamlines my planning process.

In summary, syncing a digital planner with Google Calendar offers numerous benefits, such as centralization of events and tasks, accessibility across multiple devices, and enhanced planning features. These advantages have greatly improved my time management and overall productivity.

How to Choose a Digital Planner that Syncs with Google Calendar

I always consider a few key factors when trying to pick a suitable digital planner that syncs with Google Calendar. One factor that is important to me is font size because I’m old and I like to be able to see without a zoom factor of 12 bazillion. But that may not be important to you so I looked to my friend over at The Beige Journal where she did a round up of The Best Digital Planners that Sync With Google Calendar They do what my planners do… but they are all different styles and formats.

Another crucial factor for me is the ease of use. I prefer a planner that doesn’t have a steep learning curve so that I can start using it right away without having to spend a lot of time learning its features. It’s also a bonus if the planner has an aesthetically pleasing design, as it makes it more enjoyable to use daily.

Functionality and features are also critical when choosing a digital planner. I usually look for a planner with customization options and templates, making it easier to set up according to my personal preferences and needs. It’s helpful if the planner includes options like reminders, to-do lists, and project or goal tracking.

Lastly, considering the cost of a digital planner is necessary. I feel designers should be paid, but at the same time I want something that is cost conscious like my planners. Being mindful of my budget and selecting a planner within my financial means, without compromising the quality and features, is essential.

By focusing on these factors – font, user interface, integration, functionality, and cost – I should be able to make an informed decision when choosing a digital planner that syncs well with Google Calendar.

Step by Step Guide for Syncing

I am thrilled to share a step-by-step guide to sync your digital planner with Google Calendar. This will help you stay organized and keep all your plans and schedules in one place.

First, you need to choose a digital planner that syncs with Google Calendar.

Once you have set up your digital planner in GoodNotes, follow these steps to sync it with Google Calendar:

  1. Log in to your Google Account: Ensure that you’re logged in to the Google Account associated with your Google Calendar.
  2. Create or Use an Existing Calendar: Either create a new calendar in Google Calendar specifically for your digital planner or use an existing one.
  3. Enter Events into Your Digital Planner: Write or type in your event, use the laso tool to copy the text
  4. Add the Events to Google Calendar: Click the google calendar link and paste the text and save

Keep in mind that not all digital planners can be synced with Google Calendar in the same manner, so the process might vary slightly. However, by following these general steps, you should easily be able to sync your digital planner with Google Calendar, enabling you to keep all your important events and reminders in one convenient place.

Final Thoughts

As a digital planner user myself, I have explored various options in the market, looking for the perfect tool to sync with Google Calendar.

For me a digital planner linked to Google Calendar was the best option for me. I like writing in my GoodNotes Planner, but I need alerts and reminders. Using a digital planner with Google calendar integration was the best option for me.

I found it really frustrating trying to find information on digital planner sync with Google calendar because it all looked at different apps. Apps are great and I use them for a portion of my planning, but my first step is to always brain dump and right it out.

In summary, while syncing a digital planner with Google Calendar may not be a universal feature, there are options to choose from to enhance your planning experience. You just need to find the one that suits your preferences and workflow.

Questions and Answers

Can a GoodNotes planner sync with Google Calendar?

A GoodNotes or PDF Planner can’t automatically sync with Google Calendar. But some of the latest planners have included links to Google Calendar that allow you to use the lasso tool and copy and paste to create Google events and reminders as you use your GoodNotes planner. They do not truly “sync”.

How do I import Google calendar to GoodNotes planner?

It is not possible to import a Google calendar into a GoodNotes planner. The sync option for a Google Calendar and a GoodNotes planner is manual and requires copy and paste. A GoodNotes planner is a PDF and a planner that sync with Google calendar is simply a hyperlink in your planner that let’s you copy and paste the event or reminder.

Are there any free digital planner options that synchronize with Google Calendar?

I did not see one on my search. That does not mean there isn’t, it just means I didn’t find one. You can create hyperlinks in GoodNotes 6 which means you could create the hyperlinks yourself. But One of the perks of buying a planner with the hyperlinks there is that it saves you hours of copy and pasting those links into your planner.

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