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Valentine’s Day Doodles – Step-by-Step Doodles for Your Bullet Journal

Valentine’s Day Doodles – Step-by-Step Doodles for Your Bullet Journal

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Valentine Doodles Tutorials 

Do you have a budget to plan for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Or travel plans to make? Maybe you have a whole day to plan, or just want to decorate your bullet journal for Valentine’s Day this February? Well, we got the valentine doodles here for you!

This blog post has all sorts of Valentine’s doodles for your bullet journal. If you want something as simple as roses, we have that. Want to draw Valentine’s day Teddy Bear instead, we got that too! These Valentine’s Day doodles will help to make your bullet journal more festive for the season of love!

Our Favorite Valentine Doodles Supplies

Rettacy Dotted Grid Journal

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We like these bullet journals because they are an inexpensive option for beginners in bullet journaling.

Zebra Pen Midliner

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These mildliners have great pigment and have two sides to them. Plus they come in a lot of different colors.

Erasable Frixon Pens

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These pens are erasable and great for beginners, or perfectionists that need to erase a lot (speak from experience on that one).

Frixon Erasable Markers

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We don’t personally use the markers a lot but they are still a great choice if you want some different kinds of supplies.

Erasable Frixon Highlighters

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There are also highlighters and there is a bigger pack if you want more colors. These are an option if you would prefer the erasable still and don’t want the mildliners.

Valentine’s Day Washi Tape

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This washi tape pack is perfect for Valentine’s Day. They’re cute and fun and will add a little festivity to your borders. 

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Valentine Doodles

These doodles just make me ready for Valentine’s Day. It’s all so cute and sweet, and it’s so exciting. I might start making my February spread now after seeing these doodles.

Engagement Ring Valentine Doodles

About 6 million couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. This would be a cute one for sure to include, and it’s really simple as well.

Photo Credit: on Instagram (Page no longer available)

I think out of these four, the flowers are my favorite. It doesn’t even look that hard either. She does it in a way that makes it simple, and that goes along with the rest of their doodles too.

Photo Credit: @plansthatblossom on Instagram

I love this girl’s doodles in general. They always look so clean and they’re just so beautiful.

Photo Credit: @Diary of a Journal Planner on Pinterest

This is another girl that just makes the most creative doodles that looks so good and clean. I love these heart balloons, and it’s such a cool idea. 

Photo Credit: @kohanadiary on Instagram

One thing I would suggest for this doodle is to go back over the drawing with a pen. That way you can see the lines, but that’s just my preference. You might like the way it looks as is. 

Photo Credit: @seed_successful_you on Instagram

This Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day is so cute, and it’s broken down into such simple steps, anyone could draw it. 

Photo Credit: @Skip to my Lou on Pinterest

As a perfectionist, I had to include this one. It’s just so perfect and cute, and I’m not sure if that’s how mine would turn out, but that’s okay. I love it.

Photo Credit: @seed_successful_you on Instagram

These are much smaller doodles than the other doodle by this artist. These have some similar doodles as to previous doodles I’ve shown, but with a different take on them. 

Photo Credit: @How to Draw for Kids on Pinterest

This one has a bit more steps to it, but it’s not necessarily harder. It looks good though!

Photo Credit: @Diary of a Journal Planner on Pinterest

I feel like if I drew this it would come out crooked, but here it looks really good.

More Doodle Tutorials: 

Zcwrez9T7Vxrzh5Slod8Cdsnfxamwedbdwc00Mmt6Bd Swmevzy Zo Lnlokimmdtygk8Kguqkjsq 837Vzzyml4Yeu1F2Zqbcdvvoewvgq6Vjgohvvung

How to Draw Birthday Doodles

Podojxohd7Rqnr0Sn59Lssvkxi8Ffi Gwqx4Zkcfhbwbnts0Btvqyqm9Jwsypxbsafesgjkovqog1W7Mjnrxvhfohpdf5Caf8Sn

How to Draw Halloween Doodles

Ejzopyjnvgr84I8621 Afrlyqcmrrlydlxoo7Vx3Bbdjf 5I Fydcuobrl1Qukoxazlvbmrwh75Nrdnr Nb4Xnt8Flensegzx Tbehu61Qb7Vqyro1 Uenrootetiyzfjwpwrt0 Plsovbfsxgkyufx28Evadudxnqwek60Et7Ccwrg1Wys56Mve2 Gua

How to Draw Animal Doodles

Final Thoughts

After reading this blog post hopefully, you have found some valentine’s doodles to use for this February, and any Valentine’s Day spreads you want to make! Let us know down below which one of these Valentine’s Day doodles is your favorite. Also, are you ready for Valentine’s Day, or do you think it’s a cheesy holiday

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