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Lavender Drawing – Flower Doodle Easy 7-Step Tutorial

Lavender Drawing – Flower Doodle Easy 7-Step Tutorial

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Easy Lavender Step-by-Step Drawing

Here we are going to show you an easy way to draw lavender flowers, perfect for this springtime. Our tutorial does not require great artistic skills, or even a lot of time to master. Our 7 steps make it super simple and easy, and soon enough you will be able to draw your own lavender drawing within seconds. So, do not stress, you will have this lavender drawing mastered in no time. 

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How to Draw a Lavender Doodle

In this tutorial, there are 7 easy steps to get a cute simple lavender drawing. It will take less than 10 minutes and looks super cute. It does get a little bit repetitive, but hang in there because the outcome is definitely worth it. Just look and see for yourself!

Step 1 – Three Little Petals

Lavender Drawing Step 1

The first step for a lavender drawing is to draw some lavender flowers of course. All this takes is three little petals (and do not worry about the stem yet, we will get to that later). Make sure to leave room underneath, as well, because we work from top to bottom with this flower.

Step 2 – Repeat

Lavender Drawing Step 2

The second step is nice and simple. Just repeat the first step! Draw another little flower under the first one. Part of the reason why this lavender drawing is so easy is because a lot of it is just repeating itself. I am just here to show you what that looks like.

Step 3 – 4 Petals Now!

Lavender Drawing Step 3

The third step, you will never guess it, we draw another flower! But this is where you can start to add some more petals to it if you want. Although I did four petals, you can adjust to what you want your lavender drawing to look like. 

Step 4 – The Fourth Flower

Lavender Drawing Step 4

Mama Mia, here we go again with another flower below that one. Again, for this next one, I added just one more petal than before. The floating flowers are starting to look a little funny without a stem, but do not fear, because we fix that in the next step.

Step 5 – Stem

Lavender Drawing Step 5

We are gonna change it up a little bit for this next step. All you want to do is connect the flowers together with a line, aka the stem. It does not need to be perfectly straight as you can see, unless of course, you want it to be, do not let me boss you around with your drawing.

Step 6 – Go Crazy with the Flowers

Lavender Drawing Step 6

Okay, obviously we could not just leave the lavender to look so barren. So this is the point where I say just go for it. Draw as many (or as few) flowers as you would like until your heart is content. You can add some below like I did, or to the flowers up top.

Step 7 – The Final Touches

Lavender Drawing Step 7
Lavender Drawing - Flower Doodle Easy 7-Step Tutorial 34

For the last of it, all I did was draw some leaves on the end, but this is definitely optional depending on what you want. There is no one size fits all for drawing, so change whatever you would like when you try this lavender drawing for yourself. 

You Have Finished Your Lavender Drawing!

Congratulations! You can now add another drawing under your belt to include in a bullet journal, notes, planner, or anywhere you can think of. And as I said before, take all of the creative freedom you want. Draw a bunch of them, draw one, color it in, leave it black and white, make it picture perfect, or leave it sloppy. It is all up to you in the end!

Let us know down below what flower we should draw next. Do you have a favorite flower to draw, or a favorite overall, tell us about that too! We love the feedback, so do not be shy in the comments ;).

We have a bunch of other doodles on our blog so make sure to check those out too!

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