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25+ Harry Potter Journal Ideas for Your Magical Bullet Journal

25+ Harry Potter Journal Ideas for Your Magical Bullet Journal

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Magical Harry Potter Journal Ideas

Here you will find more than 25 different and unique bullet journal spreads. But not just any bullet journal spreads, Harry Potter journal spreads. There are cover pages, habit trackers, weekly pages, and more! If you love the Harry Potter books and movies as much as we do, you will love these different spreads! They are magical and practical for your bullet journal! If you are looking for a specific kind of page for your bullet journal jump to the table of contents to see the different options!

Our Favorite Harry Potter Journal Supplies

Rettacy Dotted Grid Journal

Dotted Bullet Journal

We like these bullet journals because they are an inexpensive option for beginners in bullet journalling.

Zebra Pen Mildliner

Zebra Pen Mildliner

These mildliners have great pigment and have two sides to them. Plus they come in a lot of different colors.

Erasable Frixon Pens

Erasable Frixon Pens

These pens are erasable and great for beginners, or perfectionists that need to erase a lot (speak from experience on that one).

Frixon Erasable Markers

Frixon Erasable Markers

We don’t personally use the markers a lot but they are still a great choice if you want some different kinds of supplies.

Erasable Frixon Highlighters

Erasable Frixon Highlights

There are also highlighters and there is a bigger pack if you want more colors. These are an option if you would prefer the erasable still and don’t want the mildliners.

Harry Potter Stickers

Harry Potter Journal Stickers

These are just some fun Harry Potter stickers on Amazon, and they were honestly my favorite. There are plenty of different options though if you would like something else. 

Harry Potter Journal Ideas

Now, here is what you came here for. The Harry Potter spreads! We have so many different options, we’re sure you will find some inspiration here somewhere. 

Quill Mood Tracker

Harry Potter Journal Mood Tracker

I got the inspiration for this one from one of the ones in this post. I also saw one which was just a big quill and the feather was divided into different sections, which could also work. 

Harry Potter Ceremony Monthly Spread

Photo Credit: @meghanmakingstuff on Instagram

This monthly spread represents getting sorted into your Hogwarts house, and it represents it so well. It has everything from the house flags, the sorting hat, and even the floating candles. And a quote from the sorting hat of course.

Harry Potter Journal Magic Theme Cover Page

Photo Credit: @nohnoh.studies on Instagram

This cover page is so cute. With Olivander’s and Flourish and Blots and the bottom, and Hedwig in the middle. I like all the little pictures coming down on the strings too. 

Potions Mood Tracker and Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: @meghanmakingstuff on Instagram

This one looked like it took a lot of time, but it is so pretty. So if you have the time, and are this talented this could be a cool spread to try. The cauldron at the top right with the month looks so pretty, and I like the matching colors theme from the mood tracker to the weekly page.

House Points Habit Tracker

Photo Credit: @bujoandreims on Instagram

This idea is so cool, and when I do a Harry Potter journal theme I will be sure to include this one. I would like to know how these people get the Harry Potter font so perfect. I tried and it’s harder than it looked, I just ended up erasing it. 

The Marauder’s Map Mood Tracker

Photo Credit: @Cristina Dos on Pinterest

This one is quite original, I have to say. I love that there is space for more than two emotions because we all feel more than two moods throughout the day. At least I do. 

October Magic Cover Page

Photo Credit: @AmandaRachLee on Instagram

This one’s a very minimalist cover page. I like that. It’s somehow a lot of different drawings, yet doesn’t fill up the whole page. My favorite part is the steam coming up from the cauldron for some reason. 

Gratitude Harry Potter Journal Page

Photo Credit: @Milica on Instagram (account no longer active)

I don’t personally do a lot of gratitude pages but this one’s cute. I like the little vial of liquid luck because that made Harry happy in the movie. And again, with the perfect Harry Potter font.

House Points Habit Tracker and Every Flavor Bean Mood Tracker

Photo Credit: @Carie

This was put in just to show off the Bean Mood Tracker. The box at the bottom is a nice touch too. I like all the different colors you could use too because I’m sure there are many more colors than this in an actual box.

Daily Prophet Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: @bujoandreims on Instagram

This one is just so impressive. I can’t imagine the amount of time it must have taken to create this, but it truly is beautiful. I would love to try to recreate it, but I’m worried I wouldn’t even come close to how this looks. 

Black and White Cover Page

Photo Credit: @alionsworld on Instagram

This person took the time to draw Hogwarts! It’s absolutely beautiful too! The night catcher vibes are cool too because who doesn’t dream of going to Hogwarts?

September Hogwarts Cover Page

Photo Credit: on Instagram

This Hogwarts drawing is just wow. It’s beautiful! I wish I was that talented in that way, it’s just so beautiful.

Golden Snitch Mood Tracker

Photo Credit: @Kinga M 

This golden snitch looks difficult but once you take a closer look it looks really simple, and it’s fun! I like this one a lot.

Flying Key Mood Tracker

Photo Credit: on Instagram

This one is a lot like the previous one only in the form of the flying key with the broken wing. I like the purple theme going on with this one, and the wings being the mood part again. 

Harry Potter Journal Cover Page

Photo Credit: @camilabisson on Instagram

Again, with the people that can just draw Hogwarts, and do it well! I don’t understand. These all look so good and accurate.

October Magical Cover Page

Photo Credit: @nola.maine on Instagram (Account no longer active)

This is another more minimalist cover page. There’s kinda a quidditch theme on the right page and it’s different. Not something that we’ve seen in any of the other ones so far. 

Harry Potter Glasses Cover Page

Photo Credit: @nouveaubujo on Instagram (Account no longer active)

Looking through Harry’s glasses. That’s cool. Hogwarts, the Harry Potter font for the month, the scar, it all fits so well. I like the little stars in the background of Hogwarts too, it’s a nice touch to the magicalness of it all. 

Wand Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: @amika on Instagram (Account no longer active)

It must’ve taken a long while to draw all the dots coming from the wand. It looks worth it. It’s absolutely beautiful, especially with them attaching to the W in the week too. 

Hufflepuff Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: @sas.schnee on Instagram

There are so many house weekly spreads that are different and make each house personalized. This was one of my favorites because I am a Hufflepuff and I liked what this person did for the Hufflepuff house. 

Ravenclaw Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: @Kate Hadfield Designs

If you click on this girl’s post she did a weekly spread for each one of the houses, but I wanted to share this one. The blues she chose are really pretty and match the Ravenclaw colors quite well. The little TV for TV time is a cool idea too. And I like that she included the tiara in her drawing as well.

Marauder’s Map Weekly Spread 

Photo Credit: @Jessica Terry

This one is nice and simple, and if you wanted you could use the Marauder’s Map mood tracker too. All you would need to do is find a habit tracker, and monthly spread and you got a whole Marauder’s Map journal spread for the month!

Slytherin Weekly Spread

Photo Credit:

The Slytherin banner in the left corner looks so accurate! It looks really good and I applaud this artist for this spread. I do believe on the bottom right and left-hand corners those are stickers that she made and, again, they look really good.

Envelope Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker

Photo Credit: @Annie Zhang

I think these were quite original. I don’t know if the envelopes were her idea, but I do like them quite a bit. This might not have been on purpose, but for the mood tracker, she also used Hogwart’s house colors for the moods, which is a good idea.

Harry Potter Scarf Monthly Spread

Photo Credit: @_bujobee_ on Instagram (Account no longer active)

This monthly spread is a good minimalist or nonartist choice. It has few drawings, but the ones that are there are simple, and very few extras. It has a homework section, but that could be changed to a notes or goals section if you aren’t a student. 

Quill Habit Tracker

Photo Credit: @baobujo on Instagram (Account no longer active)

Again, this person used Hogwart’s house colors for the quills, each color is with one habit. This one is good if you only have a few habits you want to track. If you have more than that, you should probably consider one of the other ones shown for your Harry Potter journal spreads. 

Quote Cover Page and Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: @Annie Zhang

Love this quote. So it was included. The goals for quidditch aren’t something I had seen before as a weekly spread, and the quote was drawn out well. This quote would also make sense on a mood tracker page. In this case, it’s used as a closing page, but it could be used on a different spread, like this, or a cover page. 

Expecto Patronum Monthly Spread

Photo Credit: @_studycat on Instagram

Don’t know what looks better. The dementor or the Patronum. They’re beautiful and this person has a lot of talent. This is a good one if you want something that’s not cluttered on the paper, but takes a little bit more time to draw. 

Golden Snitch Habit Tracker

Photo Credit: @10minuten.bullet.journal on Instagram

This Habit Tracker would go well with the other Marauder Maps spreads from earlier. With the footsteps going along the page it would match pretty well. This is one of the ones that would be better for people that want to track more habits because you can easily add some circles once you change the dimensions. 

Harry Potter Journal Monthly Spread

Photo Credit:

This one incorporates some scrapbooking aspects with the pieces of paper and book paper. It’s different than the other ones I’ve seen, and it looks good. This is the same artist as earlier that made her stickers, so she probably did the same thing with the stickers on this spread. 

Scrolls Habit Tracker

Photo Credit: @nicole.josephineee on Instagram (Account no longer Active)

This is another good one for more habits. The doodles on the sides are also simple so it doesn’t seem too hard to replicate.

Wands Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: @shaniseart on Instagram

This black and white theme is perfect for anyone looking for, well, black and white inspiration. It is a bit intricate, but it looks really good. Plus, you could always find some easier wands to draw if you need and do the same idea, with different wands. 

Wrapping Up

So hopefully you found some inspiration to make your own Harry Potter Journal Spread. There are plenty of options and you could always tweak one more to your liking. Hopefully, your bullet journal turns out as magical as the Harry Potter world itself! Which Harry Potter book/movie is your favorite, are you going to base your bullet journal on that movie? Let us know down below!

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