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Dandelion Drawing – Flower Doodle Step-by-Step Tutorial

Dandelion Drawing – Flower Doodle Step-by-Step Tutorial

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How to Draw Dandelions

I don’t know about you, but I love dandelions. I still pick them every time I see one to make a cheesy wish and blow all the seeds off of it. And flowers are an effortless thing to include in bullet journals, so what better than to have a dandelion drawing in your bullet journal? You can make them as simple as you want, so it could take only a few minutes to draw in your bullet journal. The best part, in my opinion, is you can draw these specifically in a minimal spread, or a more detailed spread. It’s all about the creative freedom you want to take.

I hope that you enjoy following this dandelion drawing tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Special Facts About Dandelions

I found some interesting facts about dandelions, that I personally did not know about. Let us know down below if you had heard any of these facts before, or if you’ve heard one that we did not state. 

  • Dandelions are said to symbolize hope, growth, and healing. When you blow on a dandelion and make a wish, you are hopeful that your wish will come true. Dandelions themselves grow from the white puffy flower we see in early spring, to a bright yellow flower later on. Furthermore, dandelions have been used in medicine which is why they symbolize healing.
  • They are edible and have lots of vitamins A, C, and K in them, as well as other vitamins and minerals. The whole flower itself is edible and is considered an herb. It is best to harvest them in the spring while they are still young before the flower blooms on top.
  • The leaves, stem, and flowers of a dandelion can be used in medicine. On top of dandelions having a lot of different vitamins and minerals as mentioned above, they can also be used to help with digestion. Dandelions can be used to help the kidneys, liver, and gallbladder. 
  • Dandelions are perennial plants, meaning they bloom yearly, or at least live for more than two years. This would be why you find dandelions outside on your lawn every year. The seeds are able to travel far distances, therefore, are likely to come back year after year, even if you get rid of them all in the previous year.
  • The dandelion is actually part of the daisy flower family. Some other flowers in the daisy family are sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and dahlias. These flowers have petals that are joined together at the base, while the tips are separated.

Materials for Dandelion Drawings

All you really need for this drawing is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, or a spot in your bullet journal if you’re like me and you only draw when you are setting up your bullet journal for the month. You do not need the specific brands that I use, these are just the ones I recommend because I know they work and are good quality.

Rettacy Dotted Grid Journal

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We like these bullet journals because they are an inexpensive option for beginners in bullet journaling.

Zebra Pen Midliner

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These mildliners have great pigment and have two sides to them. Plus they come in a lot of different colors.

Pilot Frixion Clicker Erasable Pens

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Dandelion Drawing – Step-By-Step Instructions

This dandelion drawing is simple enough so you can learn how to draw it in eight simple steps. Then, you can have a dandelion spread or even a bullet journal spread with a whole bunch of flower doodles! Or maybe you just want to have the seeds spread across your bullet journal page; there are a whole bunch of different ways you can use this dandelion drawing in your bullet journal!

Step 1 – The Center

Dandelion Drawing Step 1

I feel like this step is pretty self-explanatory. This is just the center of the flower where the seeds will come off, as well as the stem.

Step 2 – The Stem

Dandelion Drawing Step 2

Speaking of the stem, that’s the next step for this drawing. A line going down towards the ground. It’s got to soak up all that nutrients after all!

Step 3 – Different Seedlings

Dandelion Drawing Step 3A
Dandelion Drawing Step 3B

For my dandelion drawing, I mainly used two different types of seedlings. You can use one of these around the dandelion, or a combination of both like I did. 

Step 4 – The Seedlings

Dandelion Drawing Step 4

I started off with three just to show you guys what they will look like. I liked doing different heights for my dandelions drawing seedlings, and for these ones, I used the first seedling idea.

Step 5 – More Seedlings

Dandelion Drawing Step 5

For this one, I wanted to show you guys three more sprouts. For these ones I had them cross over, and curve, which is also completely fine. 

Step 6 – Repeat Around

Dandelion Drawing Step 6

As you continue around the center just keep drawing the seedlings. Go ahead and make them different heights, have the cross and curve around, or make one solid layer. Any one of these ways work, it comes down to what you want to do, and how you want it to look like. 

Step 7 – All the Way Around

Dandelion Drawing Step 7

Okay, okay, so it might be looking a little crazy right now, but do not go and worry about that. (Spoiler, we fix that in the next step). For now just worry about drawing the seedlings all around the center in whichever ways you see fit.

Step 8 – Fill in the Gaps

Dandelion Drawing Step 8

This is when you go back through and make your dandelion drawing look how you want. I wanted a less perfectionist drawing which is why it might look crazy to some of you, but I like it and that’s the important thing. You guys can have it going around in a perfect circle if you like that better, or you can make it have some imperfections. There is no right or wrong way about it. 

You’ve Finished your Dandelion Drawing!

Well, how does it look?? I bet it looks amazing, and hopefully, you think so too. I hope this tutorial gave you a simple way to make your dandelion drawing for your bullet journal. I love this doodle, so keep an eye out for a dandelion spread coming your way. I already have so many ideas for it. 

Did this tutorial work out for you? Where will you be using it in your bullet journal? Also, let us know down below which flower we should make a tutorial for next! 

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