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Massive List of Bullet Journal Doodles

Massive List of Bullet Journal Doodles

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In this post, there are 105 different bullet journal doodles. But most of them are step-by-step. Most importantly they are in 15 different categories of doodles. 

Bullet journals aren’t all for productivity. Half of the fun is all the different possibilities for themes and drawings. Which includes all the bullet journal doodles that you can include.

I know firsthand that since there are so many themes it can be hard to decide where to start. Continue reading to find inspiration for your next theme in your bullet journal. Or to find a specific doodle that you already had in mind.

Table of Contents

What are Bullet Journal Doodles? 

A doodle is a quick drawing that can be of whatever your heart desires. This can be as simple as squiggles you draw on the top of a paper when you’re bored. 

The difference is, that this doodle goes in your bullet journal. Doodles are a way to give your bullet journal a little bit more life and to show your creativity.

Your doodles can also bring out a theme for that month. The main point is it can be fun to draw in general. It can also be a bunch of doodles that go together. Or they can seem a little random. But it’s your bullet journal so do with it whatever you would like!

Our Favorite Bullet Journal Doodle Supplies

Rettacy Dotted Grid Journal

Xelq3Zztdt9U2 2Invaszln8Cewhwz2Yja49R3Xdwpski O357P89Cdcj39Vehg3Hxrul7Bzq Hwkwrw0B5Bibuaaja2Phxeccrnjcbybdl7N72M 5Gtzcntkkjjsmrnuzdltsg Eogcww4Icg

We like these bullet journals because they are an inexpensive option for beginners in bullet journaling.

Zebra Pen Midliner

Whqpbbcxav0R Nfuxqri09Dwqnjyaitgtpe81Ujixv7U Rkrgmon M2Nbxgkpqqy2Xqafyrwczj0Fccjidz Ez9Texzncu

These mildliners have great pigment and have two sides to them. Plus they come in a lot of different colors.

Erasable Frixon Pens

Hzolb1Nrykpsfi3 Kmfldprttaxfhabbt7Mip6Endv5Apr2Ipnl894Pbkc5J5Kn2Y5Yeaahshgi9Oilavpornb

These pens are erasable and great for beginners, or perfectionists that need to erase a lot (speaking from experience on that one).

Frixon Erasable Markers

Plllugp4Wj40Pgtwbcpmqmyqjngzey39Rpfefciehyvb0 Ipxdfictyonlpq6Q1Hpv Dmbxb7Mvf Lqycvvogepxxfil65Wejdtciuso2Endruxjwh 4Wrp8Fqm2Wcsiz Uilcpscfnpuy4Kzq

We don’t personally use the markers a lot but they are still a great choice if you want some different kinds of supplies.

Erasable Frixon Highlighters

Lebmhoth2Soke2Rfqfabnyqyi2Nnyuomlxg4V Kphqjwcwqgpuvwgibkfkmhi2B7Iimxow83Usue 6Snerwkictdnwtpmksfsrindpf1Olt3Guq498R 5Bes5Eeucvfjs0Irplym C1Mwiy0 A

There are also highlighters and there is a bigger pack if you want more colors. These are an option if you would prefer the erasable still and don’t want the mildliners.

Doodle Ideas for your Bullet Journal

Below are many different types of bullet journal doodles that you can add to your own! There are doodles from plants and animals to space and school. 

1. Plant Doodles

Easy Step-by-Step Succulent Doodle

This succulent is nice and easy to draw, plus you could color it in for a bit of greenery. 

Photo Credit: @bujoandcookies on Instagram

Large Step-by-Step Succulent Doodle

While we are on the topic of succulents, I’ll mention this larger doodle. This one might be a bit more difficult than the one before but it is quite pretty.

Photo Credit: @bujocute on Instagram

Step-by-Step Plants and Cactus Doodles

These little potted plants are so cute-looking! And the little flowers on the cactus are a very nice touch.

Photo Credit: @couleursduvent

Step-by-Step Botanica and Boxwood Doodles

These branch doodles would look good in the corners of your bullet journal, or along the edges, as a long strand. I might try this design on my own. 

Photo Credit: @urbanspinner on Flickr

Step-by-Step Plants Doodles

It’s kind of funny how many different plant bullet journal doodles you can come up with. They are all so similar but they’re not the same. 

Photo Credit: @cam.bujo on Instagram

Step-by-Step Dandelion Doodle

Ooo a dandelion! Make a wish! If that’s how that worked I would be drawing these all the time.

Photo Credit: @Diary Of a Journal Planner

2. Animal Doodles

Easy Step-by-Step Shiba Dog Doodle

I am definitely not an artist, so any easy doodles that I can draw, and add to my bullet journal with ease are always nice.

Photo Credit: @julia.pezowicz on Instagram

Step-by-Step Fox Doodle

I don’t think this one is difficult, but it does have a bit more details than some of the other ones. It definitely is still quite cute though.

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

Step-by-Step Dog Doodles

This dog is so adorable I had to put it in. It might look a little difficult, but I do believe that most of it are the coloring and extra details. 

Photo Credit: @mellinfluoustudy (no longer on Instagram)

Easy Step-by-Step Jellyfish Doodle

Again, this one might look a little daunting, but if you look, the design/outline isn’t that bad.  The shaded colors make it look a little scary though.

Photo Credit: @Tatyana Deniz

Harder Step-by-Step Jellyfish Doodle

This one also has quite a bit more detail, I don’t think it is hard though. 

Photo Credit: @bulletwithe on Instagram

Step-by-Step Butterfly Doodle

This doodle might be a bit harder, but it is beautiful. I wish I were able to draw this, but one of you guys can manage it I’m sure.

Photo Credit: @designsbynn on Instagram

Step-By-Step Butterfly Doodle

This one is a regular ole butterfly, but it is cute and easy and definitely manageable by a beginner. 

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Bee Doodle

We had to include a Bee doodle on the PrintablesBuzz website.

Photo Credit:

3. Harry Potter Doodles

Step-by-Step Happy Potter Doodles

These bullet journal doodles might seem a little random, but we love HarryPotter in our house. So we decided to include them here.

Photo Credit: @nicole.josephine on Instagram

Step-by-Step Harry Potter Doodle

If we are including Harry Potter doodles in this guide there had to be a Harry Potter character included.

Photo Credit: @I Heart Crafty Things

Step-by-Step Hogwarts Crest Doodle

We also definitely had to include the crest of the greatest magic school there is. 

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Harry Potter Doodles

Are there people that make Harry Potter bullet journals, and fill them with these doodles? Front to back. It would definitely be interesting.

Photo Credit: @nicolegracestudies on Instagram

Step-by-Step Sorting Hat Doodle

This hat has the most sass ever, and I am here for it. Who doesn’t want a bullet journal doodle that has sass?

Photo Credit: @shaniseart on Instagram

4. Food & Drinks Doodles

Step-by-Step Boba Tea Doodle

Unpopular opinion, I’m not the biggest fan of boba tea. This bullet journal doodle does make me smile though.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Strawberries Doodle

This doodle is definitely a little bit harder because of the shading, but who doesn’t like a good challenge? Plus it would be cool to have in your bullet journal. 

Photo Credit: @annajournals_ on Instagram

Step-by-Step Breakfast Doodles

Wouldn’t a breakfast bullet journal spread be kind of fun? Yes. The answer is yes, and no one can convince me otherwise.

Photo Credit: @daynadoodles on Instagram

Step-by-Step Fruit Doodles

Sometimes I like the ones without color because then I’m not influenced to use the same colors the artist used. A little bit more creativity during the process.

Photo Credit: @shanieart on Instagram

Step-by-Step Cupcake Doodle

I would have thought to start with the cake part, but this actually looks easier. 

Photo Credit: @bulletsandconfetti on Instagram

Step-by-Step Sushi Doodles

The creator of this one put in a sushi mood tracker and it looks amazing and so creative. So if you can’t think of how to use these check that out. 

Photo Credit: @Masha Plans

Step-by-Step Ice Cream Doodles

I didn’t think about how many different ways you can draw ice cream. Well here are four. 

Photo Credit: @junefolio on Instagram

Step-by-Step Cake Doodle

This would be cute for birthdays in a year page, or just a special doodle on your special day :).

Photo Credit: @Diary Of A Journal Planner

Step-by-Step Taco Doodle

A taco….with a mustache…..what is there not to love?

Photo Credit: @junefolio on Instagram

5. Ocean Doodles

Step-by-Step Turtle Doodle

You can have a little sea turtle floating around in your bullet journal!

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Seaweed and Coral Doodle

Ahh and here we have the grass of the sea…in doodle form.

Photo Credit: @gigis_journal on Instagram

5 Ways to Doodle Waves

Wave hello, to these 5 easy wave doodles!

Photo Credit: @bujo_by_bee on Instagram

Step-by-Step Seashell Doodles

I’d like to know how this person made drawing seashells so easy. Seashells are one of those things where it would seem difficult, but not with this tutorial.

Photo Credit: @CraftsOnFire on Instagram

Step-by-Step Maritime Doodles

A little bit of some boats-themed doodles? Sure why not?

Photo Credit: @bujotrulla on Instagram

Step-by-Step Whale Doodle

Whale…when are you going to get to drawing this whale doodle? See what I did there?

Photo Credit: @splendidscribbles on Instagram

Step-by-Step Ocean Animal Doodles

I know we already looked at a different version of these animals, but these are more realistic. Plus I thought they looked cool.

Photo Credit: @myrthesbujo on Instagram

6. Travel Doodles

Step-by-Step Suitcase Doodle

Planning on going anywhere? Need a list of what you need to bring? Include this doodle in the background for the bujo doodle aesthetics. 

Photo Credit: @Diary Of A Journal Planner

Step-by-Step Airplane Doodle

What does your travel list look like? If you haven’t included this doodle in the corner or somewhere on your spread, you should.

Photo Credit: @Diary Of A Journal Planner

Step-by-Step Bag Doodle

This bag reminds me of the dark academia, vintage bags that are in some movies.

Photo Credit: @Diary Of A Journal Planner

Step-by-Step Travel Doodles

I don’t travel a lot, but I hope, these bujo doodles will be more relatable for one of you.

Photo Credit: @mashaplans on Instagram

Step-by-Step Passport Doodle

Are you traveling outside of the country? Well, you’re going to need a passport! Make sure you check out some more travel doodles here!

How To Draw A Passport Bullet Journal Doodle
Massive List of Bullet Journal Doodles 16

Photo Credit: @doodleshoodle

7. Flower Doodles

Step-by-Step Roses Doodles

Who doesn’t like a nice simple rose…or five? 

Photo Credit: @bujo_by_bee on Instagram

Step-by-Step Daisy Doodles

Now, I have two different tutorials here. The second one looked a bit harder and has a bit more detail so pick based on your level. 

Photo Credit: @junefolio on Instagram

Photo Credit: on Instagram

Step-by-Step Peony Doodle

This person is so talented and has a lot more flower tutorials, so I would recommend going check those out too.

Photo Credit: on Instagram

Step-by-Step Tulip Doodle

So accurate, and pretty, yet so simple. Perfect!

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Sunflower Doodle

Even though I had never seen one in person, sunflowers used to be my favorite flower as a kid. They look so bright and I love them. 

Photo Credit: @marthasjournal on Instagram

Step-by-Step Lotus Doodle

Again, pretty, but simple. I remember the first time a saw a lotus I was so confused about how there was a flower on the water. I thought it was pretty though so the confusion went away soon.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Bouquet Doodle

I can’t think of a better way of ending the flower doodles section than with a bouquet of different flowers.

Photo Credit: @Planning Mindfully

8. Banner Doodles

Step-by-Step Floral Banner Doodles

These elegant little banners would actually look fantastic as a month title page. But you could use them in other ways too.

Photo Credit: @art_love98 on Instagram

Step-by-Step Flower Banner Doodle

There’s a more in-depth tutorial when you click on the website from the pin. It’s also well shown in the pin.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Header and Banner Doodles

These banners are nice to put in your notes if you’re a student. That’s what I always used them for before I started bullet journalling.

Photo Credit:

Note Banner Doodles

Speaking of notes…These little note doodles could be useful for your bullet journal

Photo Credit: @AVA MICHELLE

Colorful Banner Doodles

I like the banners more that have a bit of color, take it, it’s usually pretty easy to add color to any of these doodles.

Photo Credit: @polimorphism (no longer on Instagram)

Step-by-Step Banner Doodles

These are more minimal ones if that’s more for what you would go for.

Photo Credit: @Press Print Party!

9. Space Doodles

Step-by-Step Planet Doodles

You got to start off with the most basic part of space, the planets.

Photo Credit: @bujoabby on Instagram

Step-by-Step Shooting Star Doodle

I love when there are shooting stars out. Even though I don’t believe in it, I always make a wish for fun.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Galaxy Doodle

I took a picture one time of the night sky, and it actually looked like I got part of the galaxy in it. Cool right?

Photo Credit: @Easy Drawing Guides

Step-by-Step Rocket Doodle

You have to get to space somehow, so let’s draw the rocketship to get there. 

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

Step-by-Step Astronaut Doodle

I thought this little guy was so cute, I had to include him in here.

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

Step-by-Step Astronaut Helmet Doodle

Don’t want to draw the whole astronaut? No problem! Here’s only the helmet.

Photo Credit: @Easy Drawing Guides

Step-by-Step Galaxy Doodles

These ones are simple, so even if some of the other ones didn’t end up looking how you wanted, these will work too!

Photo Credit: @NotebookTherapy

Step-by-Step Space Doodles

This is another set of simple ones, with more cartoonish doodles for you.

Photo Credit: @Umran

10. Seasonal Doodles

Step-by-Step Winter Doodles

Burrrrrr, winter times, means winter doodles! Here are some that you can include next winter.

Photo Credit: @Mashaplans

Photo Credit: @Umran

Step-by-Step Spring Doodles

Springtime, doodle time. I love drawing flowers all over my bullet journals, especially during the spring. 

Photo Credit: @plansthatblossom on Instagram

How To Draw A Watering Can Bullet Journal Doodle
Massive List of Bullet Journal Doodles 17

Step-by-Step Summer Doodles

Summer fun, here we come!! Time for sunny skies trips to the beach, or time to sleep in a little longer for some people.

Photo Credit: @shaniseart on Instagram

Photo Credit: @sans_studies (no longer on Instagram)

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Fall Doodles

Fall doodles are my favorite, so here are some that we should both try out next fall.

Photo Credit: @mashaplans on Instagram

Photo Credit: @step by step drawings

11. Holidays Doodles

New Year Doodles

Let’s start at the beginning of the year with the New Year. The time of resolutions and staying up late.

Photo Credit: @Freepik

Step-by-Step Easter Doodles

Coming up next…Easter! Easter eggs and Easter bunnies let’s go and draw them for our bullet journal. 

Photo Credit: @nicolegracestudies on Instagram

Step-by-Step 4th of July Doodles

Time for the fireworks!!

Photo Credit: @Muse Printables

Step-by-Step Halloween Doodles

There were so many Halloween doodles, and I was so sad I couldn’t pick them all. So I chose three.

Photo Credit: @lasirenailustra

Photo Credit: @julipenobagelco on Instagram

Photo Credit: @bujowithbecky on Instagram

Step-by-Step Christmas Doodles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Let’s draw to celebrate.

Photo Credit: @julia.pezowicz on Instagram

Step-by-Step Gift Doodles

To go with the Christmas doodles, let’s put in some gifts in case you need them. 

Photo Credit:

12. School Doodles

Step-by-Step Back to School Doodles

As a student myself I know I would use school doodles during the back-to-school season.

Photo Credit: @Nadine Probst

Photo Credit: @Faber-Castell USA

Step-by-Step School Supplies Doodles

Let’s start with a step-by-step tutorial on how to doodle a backpack. That is the biggest essential for school after all.

Photo Credit: @julia.pezowicz on Instagram

Next, let’s go on to a calculator doodle. 

Photo Credit: @Masha Plans

Last but not least, let’s do a little stapler.

Photo Credit: @Masha Plans

13. Weather Doodles

General Weather Doodles

Let’s start off with an overview of different weather doodles.

Photo Credit: @Stationary Pal

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: @Perfectly Penned

Step-by-Step Cloud Doodle

A different little cloud if you’re looking for something else, in case you want some options.

Photo Credit: @rawpixel

Step-by-Step Rainy Cloud Doodle

Cute was in name of this one, so there was no debate, it went in.

Photo Credit: @Doaa Moaz

14. Object Doodles

Step-by-Step Book Doodles

For any readers out there, this is a necessity. Especially if you have a book tracker in your bullet journal.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Instant Camera Doodle

Say Cheese!! Why not draw an instant camera in your bullet journal?

Photo Credit: @splendidscribbles on Instagram

Step-by-Step Calendar Doodle

A calendar in your calendar? Why not! It could even go in the corner of your monthly spread.

Photo Credit: @Masha Plans

Step-by-Step Crystal Doodle

Do you have a crystal collection, and know exactly what each one brings into your life?

Photo Credit: @bujocute on Instagram

Step-by-Step Table Lamp Doodle

Need a little light in your bullet journal? Go ahead and add some.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Street Lamp Doodle

Not feeling the table lamp? Go with a street lamp!

Photo Credit: @avoecardoe on Instagram

Step-by-Step Paper Plane Doodle

I have seen these doodles on Pinterest on people’s spread before. Sometimes in the corner or even as a whole theme.

Photo Credit: @junefolio on Instagram

Step-by-Step Feather Doodle

There are a lot of steps in this tutorial for a tiny feather doodle, but hey it gets the job done.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Skull Doodle

Are you more into the gothic vibes? This would fit in, don’t you think?

Photo Credit:

15. Extra Doodles

Step-by-Step Birthday Doodles

Happy Birthday to whoever it is you are celebrating for! Let’s draw some doodles to make your bullet journal festive for such a special day.

Photo Credit: @step by step drawings

Step-by-Step Random Doodles

There doesn’t seem to be a theme with these doodles, but here you go anyways.

Photo Credit: @shibadoodle on Instagram

Step-by-Step Movie Doodles

These could work in a Movies to Watch page, or new releases if you’re into that sort of spread.

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

Step-by-Step Lightbulb Doodle

I have an idea!! Lightbulb Doodles on a brain dump page.

Photo Credit: @thedoodleguide on Instagram (@TheRevisionGuide beforehand)

Step-by-Step Igloo Doodle

I’m going, to be honest, I have no idea when you would use this one. I thought the idea was cool so I put it in.

Photo Credit:

Step-by-Step Magical Doodles

Let’s put a little fantasy magic into your bullet journal with these!

Photo Credit: @sirenailustra on Instagram

Wrapping Up

We hope you found some inspiration for your bullet journal from these doodles. Now get started on your next bullet journal spread! But, before you go, let us know in the comments which one of these bullet journal doodles was your favorite. Or even if there is one that you wish we would have included. 

All designs ©PrintablesBuzz. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

Disclaimer: This post may contain Amazon affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase

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