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7 Birthday Doodles for Your Bullet Journal

7 Birthday Doodles for Your Bullet Journal

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Step by Step Birthday Themed Doodles

Do you have birthday planning that needs to be done and the page you’re planning on needs a bit of creativity? Do you want to send homemade cards or invitations? Or do you just have some bullet journal pages for birthdays that need to have a little bit more decoration? These 7 birthday doodles below are the perfect thing for any of those activities.

Most of these birthday doodles are also perfect for a kid’s birthday. These doodles are simple enough so that kids can help with the drawings, and won’t get frustrated. Some of them might require some help from a parent, but there are also a few that they can probably do all by themselves! Which I’m sure they will love. 

Well, let’s get some inspiration for drawing some birthday fun, and get excited about whoever it is you are celebrating for or will be celebrating. 

Our Favorite Birthday Doodle Supplies

Rettacy Dotted Grid Journal

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We like these bullet journals because they are an inexpensive option for beginners in bullet journalling.

Zebra Pen Midliner

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These mildliners have great pigment and have two sides to them. Plus they come in a lot of different colors.

Erasable Frixon Pens

Hzolb1Nrykpsfi3 Kmfldprttaxfhabbt7Mip6Endv5Apr2Ipnl894Pbkc5J5Kn2Y5Yeaahshgi9Oilavpornb

These pens are erasable and great for beginners, or perfectionists that need to erase a lot (speak from experience on that one).

Frixon Erasable Markers

Plllugp4Wj40Pgtwbcpmqmyqjngzey39Rpfefciehyvb0 Ipxdfictyonlpq6Q1Hpv Dmbxb7Mvf Lqycvvogepxxfil65Wejdtciuso2Endruxjwh 4Wrp8Fqm2Wcsiz Uilcpscfnpuy4Kzq

We don’t personally use the markers a lot but they are still a great choice if you want some different kinds of supplies.

Erasable Frixon Highlighters

Lebmhoth2Soke2Rfqfabnyqyi2Nnyuomlxg4V Kphqjwcwqgpuvwgibkfkmhi2B7Iimxow83Usue 6Snerwkictdnwtpmksfsrindpf1Olt3Guq498R 5Bes5Eeucvfjs0Irplym C1Mwiy0 A

There are also highlighters and there is a bigger pack if you want more colors. These are an option if you would prefer the erasable still and don’t want the mildliners.

Birthday Doodle Ideas

Okay, here is what you came here for. The birthday doodles! I’m sure they will be helpful for whoever you are planning for. Here are seven birthday doodle ideas for you to try out whenever you may need them.

Birthday Cake Doodle

Make a wish, and blow out the candles! Your birthday cake is here! The birthday cake might be the most important part of a birthday, so that’s what we’re starting with. 

Photo Credit: @DRAWINGz TUBE

Party Hat Doodle

Now this one is probably my favorite obviously because it’s ours. This simple party hat has four easy steps to complete, and every good party has a party hat, so let’s get festive in our bullet journal too.

How To Draw A Birthday Party Hat Doodle
7 Birthday Doodles for Your Bullet Journal 13

Birthday Cupcake Doodle

The more sweets the better right? Cupcakes are great for birthdays so why not draw them for your cards or bullet journal? I personally loved bringing cupcakes to celebrate at school for all my friends and me to enjoy.

Photo Credit: @Cool2bKids

Birthday Gifts Doodles

Let’s face it. The presents are a pretty important part of the birthday too. Don’t deny it either! Don’t be like one of those people who say oh no I don’t like gifts, everyone likes a gift once in a while. Also what a great doodle for a wish list in your bullet journal, or just on a kid’s birthday invitation.

Photo Credit: @appy.doodles

Happy Birthday Banner Doodle

This doodle would be perfect for a homemade card, or one of those name tags to identify who the gift is from. This could also just be useful for any part of your bullet journal because you do not have to put Happy Birthday to You in the word part of the doodle.

Photo Credit: @Diary Of A Journal Planner

Bunches of Birthday Balloons Doodle

I think the balloons especially are a great kid-friendly doodle option. If all else fails this is a nice and simple one that I’m sure they will be able to whip out for you.

Photo Credit: @Art Projects for Kids

Toasting Glasses Doodle

This one is more for the grown-ups on their birthday. I don’t think it would go very well for a kids’ invitation with two champagne glasses on the front. Moving on though, this might be a really nice doodle for an invitation to an adult’s party, or congratulations on turning 21 cards. It can also be used for different sorts of celebrations since toasting does not just happen at birthdays.

Photo Credit: @Diary Of A Journal Planner

Wrapping Up

So those are all the birthday doodles that we have. Hopefully, you now have ideas to draw in your bullet journal for those special days, special bullet journal spreads, and an idea of what sort of cards or invitations you can make with finding these doodles. Do you have any birthday-specific spreads in your bullet journal, or are you planning on adding any? Let us know in the comments below!

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