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25+ Best Bujo Animal Doodles

25+ Best Bujo Animal Doodles

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The Best Animal Doodles

Are you looking for some animal doodles to include in your bullet journal? Well, you are in the right place! In this post, you will find more than 25 animal doodles that you can include in your bullet journal spread, or anywhere you would like. 

You might find some inspiration for your next spread here! Or just a new fun doodle to draw when you are bored. There are all sorts of different animals from dogs, to flamingos, and they are all relatively easy and beginner safe.

Our Favorite Birthday Doodle Supplies

Rettacy Dotted Grid Journal

Xelq3Zztdt9U2 2Invaszln8Cewhwz2Yja49R3Xdwpski O357P89Cdcj39Vehg3Hxrul7Bzq Hwkwrw0B5Bibuaaja2Phxeccrnjcbybdl7N72M 5Gtzcntkkjjsmrnuzdltsg Eogcww4Icg

We like these bullet journals because they are an inexpensive option for beginners in bullet journaling.

Zebra Pen Midliner

Whqpbbcxav0R Nfuxqri09Dwqnjyaitgtpe81Ujixv7U Rkrgmon M2Nbxgkpqqy2Xqafyrwczj0Fccjidz Ez9Texzncu

These mildliners have great pigment and have two sides to them. Plus they come in a lot of different colors.

Erasable Frixon Pens

Hzolb1Nrykpsfi3 Kmfldprttaxfhabbt7Mip6Endv5Apr2Ipnl894Pbkc5J5Kn2Y5Yeaahshgi9Oilavpornb

These pens are erasable and great for beginners, or perfectionists that need to erase a lot (speak from experience on that one).

Frixon Erasable Markers

Plllugp4Wj40Pgtwbcpmqmyqjngzey39Rpfefciehyvb0 Ipxdfictyonlpq6Q1Hpv Dmbxb7Mvf Lqycvvogepxxfil65Wejdtciuso2Endruxjwh 4Wrp8Fqm2Wcsiz Uilcpscfnpuy4Kzq

We don’t personally use the markers a lot but they are still a great choice if you want some different kinds of supplies.

Erasable Frixon Highlighters

Lebmhoth2Soke2Rfqfabnyqyi2Nnyuomlxg4V Kphqjwcwqgpuvwgibkfkmhi2B7Iimxow83Usue 6Snerwkictdnwtpmksfsrindpf1Olt3Guq498R 5Bes5Eeucvfjs0Irplym C1Mwiy0 A

There are also highlighters and there is a bigger pack if you want more colors. These are an option if you would prefer the erasable still and don’t want the mildliners.

Animal Doodles

Now let’s get into what you came here for. The animal doodles!

Hedgehog Doodle

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

I always wanted a hedgehog as a kid. I had never seen one in person, but that didn’t change anything for me. 

How to Draw a Sloth Doodle

Photo Credit: @splendidscribbles on Instagram

You could have a sloth slowly moving through your bullet journal!

Step-by-Step Giraffe Doodle

Photo Credit: @Drawing How To Draw: Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

This easy animal doodle would look so cute as a monthly spread theme. Giraffe doodles everywhere!

How to Draw a Cow Doodle

Photo Credit: @junefolio on Instagram

Moooooooo! How cute is this cow!? With this animal doodle, you could have a farm spread in your bullet journal!

Turtle Doodle

Photo Credit: @junefolio on Instagram

I like turtles. Have you ever seen a turtle? I saw my dad almost get bitten by a snapping turtle once. 

Step-by-Step Panda Doodle

Photo Credit: @julia.pezowicz on Instagram

This tutorial even gives an extra bonus. It shows how to draw bamboo that your little panda friend can eat!

How to Draw a Rabbit Doodle

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

Boing! Boing! This little bunny can hop around your bullet journal anywhere you would like.

Raccoon Doodle

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

I know raccoons are known for being gross animals in the real world. But, for animal doodles, this raccoon is actually really cute.

How to Draw a Sheep Doodle

Tp6Xzda9Qub8P36Nvxrbh Wzbpgl7Bzqw43Ypibopaqoaickhnci1Z1Apuvnrvrhykjwq6Hulxal86Do2Nj7Ggnqyb60Stypxmivhnszwkrfo Ktjjqp34Hzlnr1Yymsr6 Ztunhdj7Kqtgvaa

Between this sheep doodle and the cow from earlier, you really could have a farm in your bullet journal. 

Step-by-Step Teddy Bear Doodle

Photo Credit: @bujoandcookies on Instagram

It’s a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day!! But it really could be used any time of the year.

Llama Doodle

Photo Credit: @cute_ideas2020 on Instagram

I always get llamas and alpacas confused. This one is definitely a llama though. I only know this because the artist said it was a llama.

Step-by-Step Crab Doodle

Photo Credit: @The stationary booth

*Pinch* *Pinch* Don’t let the crab pinch you through your bullet journal! It looks really cute and nice so maybe it won’t.

Seahorse Doodle

Photo Credit: @bujoandcookies on Instagram

I wonder if seahorses make the same sounds as regular horses but we can’t tell because they are underwater. They probably don’t. But it would be pretty cool.

How to Draw a Penguin Doodle

Photo Credit: @junefolio on Instagram

The flightless birds of the cold. I used to really want a penguin when I was younger, but I also understood that I couldn’t have one sadly.

Step-by-Step Koala Doodle

Photo Credit: @I Heart Crafty Things

I love how its head is cocked to the side. I think it’s so cute.

How to Draw Pigs Doodle

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

Oink, oink. I look, another farm animal! And it’s so cute. I can’t even decide which one is my favorite between them. 

Step-by-Step Monkey Doodle

Photo Credit:

I love how this one includes a banana. Because ya know, the little guy has to have a snack.

How to Draw a Flamingo Doodle

Photo Credit: @_doodle_me_this_ on Instagram

Flamingos are more popular in front lawns and gardens than they are in the real world I feel. Just my personal opinion.

Chick in an Egg Doodle

Photo Credit: @Drawing How To Draw: Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

I love the fact that this chick is just popping out of an eggshell. It popped out and it’s excited to be alive. 

How to Draw a Unicorn Doodle

Photo Credit: @splendidscribbles on Instagram

We have to include a mythical animal doodle in it! The animal might not exist, but I didn’t say this was a real animal doodle page.

Step-by-Step Koi Fish Doodle

Photo Credit: @Sevil Ozdemir

Did you know that koi fish are mainly used as decoration or ornaments? Perfect for a bullet journal!

How to Draw a Pusheen Doodle

Photo Credit: @thejournaltea on Instagram

This cartoon cat is still popular after over ten years of being out. That’s a little insane don’t you think?

Step-by-Step Chameleon Doodle

Photo Credit: @lifeinabujo on Instagram (private account)

Hopefully, this chameleon doesn’t change colors on you!

How to Draw a Horse Doodle

Photo Credit:

Horses are so beautiful. This one is definitely more on the cute side though.

Step-by-Step Fox Doodle

Photo Credit: @bujoabby

Did you know that a group of foxes is called a skulk? Well now that you know, you could have a skulk of foxes in your bullet journal!

Black Cat Doodle

Photo Credit: @Nadih Koko

This black cat’s description might not be legible to most viewers, but the pictures are pretty self explanatory. 

How to Draw a Frog Doodle

Photo Credit:

Ribbit Ribbit! A frog! I’m not a big frog lover, but I would let this little guy hop around my bullet journal.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found some inspiration for your next bullet journal spread with the animal doodles! These are some of the best and most common ones we could find and think of, so there should be something in here for anyone. What’s your favorite animal, and did we include it in this post? Let us know down below!

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